Back To Business-Winter Edition Virtual Business Development Meetings - Attendee Agreement

The event team is confident that this event will be of great value to you and a positive experience. We also need to make sure that you are committed to attending the virtual event. Please review the following Attendee Agreement and contact us with any questions. This is similar to the previous “live” event agreement.

Terms & Conditions
As an attendee, you agree to participate in all conference program activities, including general sessions, case study sessions, and at minimum 10 scheduled 1:1 meetings (which are conducted via digital camera/Zoom-like meeting program). Please note that you will have the opportunity to schedule 1:1 appointments and suppliers can schedule 1:1 appointments with you. Event management monitors the scheduling system throughout the process to make sure it is running smoothly. If you have any questions or problems, please let us know.

By registering for this event, you will also be enrolled in our host brand’s newsletter. You will receive the next issue shortly.

If you have questions, please contact the event manager directly.

By attending the event, exhibitors and attendees hereby grant Show Management and its authorized representatives the right and permission to use your name, likeness, biographical information, voice, content of any interview, image and/or photograph and any other indicia of persona (“Persona”) or to refrain from doing so, in any manner or media whether existing now or hereinafter developed (including without limitation the World Wide Web and the Internet), worldwide, for trade, advertising and/or promotional purposes. Event and/or sponsor photos and recordings cannot be copied, altered, sold, exhibited, or further distributed without prior written consent from NAPCO Media. NAPCO Media retains the right to revoke consent. By registering for this event, you will also be enrolled in our host brand’s newsletters. You will receive the next issue shortly.
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